Ensuring the high standard of quality and compliance management at all stages of biopharma products – Research & development, manufacturing and distribution

GSP was revised again in July 2016. Comparing with the revised version in 2015, it has clearly put forward the requirement of traceability system for drugs and raised the standards for vaccine distribution. In April 2016, CFDA mandated that pharmaceutical manufacturers are required to conduct the consistency evaluation for generics. All of the changes and new regulations have beamed the same signal that quality and compliance management for biopharma products at all stages is the key focus of the market.



Key Topics To Be Addressed in 2016 Include:

GMP Implementation

Implementing the high standard of quality management endorsed in GMP at all stages for biopharma products

Closed-loop quality system

Linking the upstream and downstream parties to implement seamless quality and compliance management

Drug Traceability System

Achieving end-to-end traceability system by linking different parties with the usage of best tools

Consistency Evaluation of Quality and Efficacy for Generic Drugs

Exploring the opportunities and best practices to manage the evaluation projects

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2017年的主要变化 | What’s New This Year?

It’s the first time IQPC launched Biopharma Quality and Compliance Summit in China.


Gathering senior leaders of quality and compliance management in charge of different stages of biopharma products including R&D, manufacturing and distribution


Co-locating with Biopharma Cold Chain & Temperature Management Summit to get a more comprehensive view of the quality system of biopharma industry

冷链峰会往届嘉宾反馈 | What Our Past Attendees of Cold Chain China Summit Had to Say

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